Meeting hotel Bologna:
"Every service for your business"

If you are looking for a hotel to have a meeting in Bologna, the Hotel del Borgo is for you. You will have a meeting room available to you that can accommodate up to 30 people, ideal for workshops, exhibitions, business meetings or for any other need.

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Wireless service

The Hotel del Borgo offers its guests "WiFi Hotel" wireless access free of charge, allowing you to connect to the internet 24 hours a day throughout the hotel.

On-site secretariat

Upon request, Hotel del Borgo can match you with a personal secretary for the entire duration of your stay at the Hotel.

Shuttle service

Personalized shuttle service with possibility of rental.

Meeting Room

The Hotel del Borgo has a meeting room with a maximum capacity of 30 people that is customizable to your every need.


At your disposal, an in-room personal telephone.

At the Hotel del Borgo you have the option to organize coffee breaks and work lunches in the meeting room choosing from a variety of menus, from the typical Bolognese to the more sophisticated, appealing to the most demanding palates.

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